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SPA therapty ( spa massages ).

Spa Therapy is a wonderful way by which we can free the body and mind from the accumulated tension. AKSHAYA Massage and Therapy Studio offers a specially selected range of SPA therapeutic procedures. Pamper yourself or someone close to SPA therapy from AKSHYA. We have the necessary for you to feel in complete relaxation, inner peace and health. Call us, we are waiting for you.

What is SPA and how can it help us?

The word "SPA" appeared first during the 4th century BC, even then the ancient Romans respected the qualities of the hot mineral springs and determined that the key to the healthy body and spirit, is the water and the connection with nature.

Modern daily life is full of stress, tension and health problems, spa therapies are a great tool for dealing with these problems, as well as one of the pleasant ways to connect with nature and to shake off all the daily negativism.

There are various types of spa therapies, and in combination with some types of massages, would make everyone to experience blissful pleasure, feel the connection with nature, sense the healing properties of the water and enjoy the incredible action of some essential Oils.

Price for SPA therapy | SPA massages | SPA procedures.

АКШАЯ студио за масаж в София.

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