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Aromatherapy (aromatherapeutical massage).

The aromatherapy massage (or so-called aromatherapy) has extensive applicability and is used for relaxation, coping with the feeling of pain and for improving mood – this is precisely what some of the main benefits of aromatherapy are. It has been found that the addition of essential oils and specific fragrances enhances the sensation and leads to much stronger and positive effects in massage, also this practice has given its name "Aromatherapy".

What benefits does the Aromatherapeutic Massage (aromatherapy) bring?

Aromatherapy is a proven type of medical practice, the positive effects of it are incontestable in a medical sense. The unique feature of aromatherapy is that it includes impact through touch (massage) and sensory impact through special oils. The aroma, which is spread by essential oils during the aromatherapy massage, is also not accidental. These aromas are derived from various medicinal plants. When the wholesome essential oils are inhaled or rubbed into the skin, they help people to cope with various health problems, which complements the effect of massage and overall therapy.

Price for Aromatherapy (aromatherapeutical massage)..

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