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Taking care of your good health is our main goal. The quality we will bring, is the thing that will guarantee the results after the time we will spent together. Your happiness is our great reward.

Get to know our team

Sebin is from India. He works in Sofia for more than 10 years, he’s finished his master degree in physical education and sports science in Kannur University Kerala India. He specialized in Indian ayurvedic massage and therapy, and is licensed massage therapist of western massage therapies.

He understands deeply both health theories - western and eastern ( health therapies of the west, and ayurvedic therapy and practice of India), which he incorporates in different massages and therapies.

He always does his best to help our clients to reach their health and healing goals. 

I'm Galin. I have been playing sports since I was 12 years old. My interest in sports aroused my desire to study Kinesitherapy. In 2009 I enrolled in Kinesitherapy at the Vasil Levski National Sports Academy (NSA).

After completing my bachelor's degree, I continued my education with a Master's degree in Kinesitherapy in Orthopedics and Traumatology. During my studies and after that I completed additional courses such as Kinesiotaping, Manual therapy, Soft tissue mobilization and more.

Since 2013 I work as a kinesitherapist and trainer. Each person needs to be approached individually, I am always looking for the most appropriate methodology in individual cases. The positive results we achieve in the work process motivate me to accumulate new knowledge and to develop continuously.

AKSHAYA massage studio and therapy
You are welcome to come in our studio in Lozenets, Sofia.

AKSHAYA massage and Therapy Studio offers a wide range of relaxation and massage therapies, which are infused superbly on general health and tone. Trust the globally recognized specialists and therapists with extensive experience and skills in the field of massage and therapy.

By giving regular care to our specialists, after the first visits, you will feel how your body strengthens and overcomes mental and physical fatigue accumulated in it.

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Massage? Your place is AKSHAYA studio for massages and therapy in Sofia.

Located in the central part of Sofia, AKSHAYA massage studio is your destination for relaxation or healing massages. You are welcome to feel the power of a good massage. The massages we offer are specially selected, performed by professionals in a wonderful cozy atmosphere. Do not lose more time, come in AKSHAYA studio for massage and therapy...

What makes professional massage different?

Massage (in simple terms) is a means of controlling the delicate tissues in the body. Massage treatments are usually applied with hands, fingers, knees, lower shoulders, feet or special abilities. The motivation behind the massage can be different, from massage to relax/unwind and improve the tone, to the treatment of body pains and even treatment of agony. Special preparation is needed to apply massage techniques with a positive result. There are a huge number of massage techniques developed over time. At AKSHAYA massage studio we have a specially trained masseurs who are at your disposal for classical and specialized massages for healing or tone. For massage-trust AKSHYA.

AKSHAYA massage studio in Sofia

Come for a massage in AKSHAYA massage studio in Lozenets, Sofia.
+359 87 66 888 96 | Lozenets, Sofia, Stratsin street №3

Does massage have any relaxing and therapeutic properties?

Of course, the massage has therapeutic and relaxing properties. By having an active system, the body reacts in one way or another to all kinds of touch in different parts and points of the body. That is why there is historical evidence of strange, seemingly pre-thought and controlled movements while touching the body, which healers and enlightened have used since antiquity. There are also countless evidences dating for ages how well these movements are perceived by sensors in the human body. Some are even described in the so-increased reconstruction diaries and give the beginning of whole therapeutic teachings and techniques that we know to this day.

For positive and therapeutic results it is important to choose a professional therapist who knows well what he does. Massage, and massage therapy in particular, is most strongly bound by the quality of conduct, as achieving the best level of quality of application is the key to achieve incredibly good results. Massage is a clinically proven method of therapy in some parts of the world and has been used for many years in more ancient societies as a curative remedy for known (and not so) physical and non-physical issues with the body, as well as just for relaxation, as something giving positive energy and relaxation.

AKSHAYA massage studio in Sofia

Come for a massage in AKSHAYA massage studio in Lozenets, Sofia.
+359 87 66 888 96 | Lozenets, Sofia, Stratsin street №3

What benefits can you expect from a good massage?

Independent observations on therapeutic Methods in America (massage included) have proven that the advantages of massage include relief from discomfort, reduced sense of tension and a strong relief of states of anxiety.

As for the physical state of the organism, the massage has an incredibly beneficial effect on most systems in the human organism, as the main benefits among people using massage include killing the work of the heart, pulse, nervous system, rapid Increased and facilitated restorative periods of muscular tissues after massage and others. Other benefits that massage can do for your body include improved remodeling of skeletal muscles and their reconstruction, prevention of fibrosis, widening the progression of lymph and many others. There are also observations that a good massage improves sleep and contributes to the general strengthening of health and almost any system in the human organism.

AKSHAYA massage studio in Sofia

Come for a massage in AKSHAYA massage studio in Lozenets, Sofia.
+359 87 66 888 96 | Lozenets, Sofia, Stratsin street №3

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